Based on its own superior vegetables, unique pickling tradition and brilliant craftsmanship, Samsø has left a distinct mark on Danish pickling.

We pickle to preserve the good flavour 

At Samsø Syltefabrik (Samsø pickle factory) we manufacture pickled products from produce such as beetroots, red cabbage,  cucumbers, seeded cucumbers, gherkins, pumpkins and potatoes. In addition, we develop new mustards, marmalades, ketchups and other special products in our own name and for a number of well-known brands - including Løgismose, Meyers and Holm.  Across our  entire range of  products our top priority is always the excellent flavour.

Red beets

Sliced Samsø red beets, harvested between October and February –  and pickled in glass jars in a mixture  of brewed vinegar, sugar and water.

Organic red cabbage

Bearing the Danish organic Ø-label. Harvested between October and December –  and pickled in glass jars in a mixture of brewed vinegar, sugar, salt, syrup and redcurrant juice.

Burger cucumbers, 5 kg

Danish-grown, thick slices of snake cucumbers, harvested between April and September and subsequently pickled in a mixture of brewed vinegar, sugar, salt and natural white pepper.

Denmark’s only pickle factory

Samsø is famous for its felicitous potatoes and a large number of other world-class root crops, vegetables and berries. But Samsø also boasts Denmark’s only still operating pickle factory, which continues to  manufacture and develop a wide range of pickled products. As the saying goes, we harvest what others have sown and make the best of the island’s crops, whose fame reaches far beyond the Danish borders – and we do that by combining old pickling traditions with new recipes, combinations and spices.