Based on its own superior vegetables, unique pickling tradition and brilliant craftsmanship, Samsø has left a distinct mark on Danish prickling. The island, the sea, history and craftsmanship.

Put briefly, this is the core of our proud history – and the foundation of our flexible and modern factory.

Not only has Samsø’s unique location in the middle of the Kattegat provided the fertile soil for us to grow our superior produce; it has also very much influenced the way we handle the produce and created our unique pickling tradition, whose roots go back hundreds of years. Focused self-sufficiency was certainly a keyword in the past – and the mindset and handling of produce continue to enrich our products.


Denmark’s only pickle factory

Samsø is famous for its felicitous potatoes and a large number of other world class root crops, vegetables and berries. But Samsø also boasts Denmark’s only still operating pickle factory, which continues to manufacture and develop a wide range of pickled products.

As the saying goes, we harvest what others have sown  and make the best  of the island’s crops, whose fame reaches far beyond the Danish borders – and we do that by combining old pickling traditions with new recipes, combinations and spices.


Over the years, Samsø Syltefabrik has acquired the solid knowledge of the produce and developed the sublime  craftsmanship on which  our products depend. And we rely on both every single day to extract the very best from the vegetables and deliver the most delicious flavours to your table. And in a responsible manner, of course.

This means that we specifically choose produce grown on the island; and we do that because in our opinion it is among the best in the world – and because the proximity principle - and because of that the choice of local produce - is the most environmentally responsible approach.

If we run out of produce, or if the produce for a specific product is not grown on the island, we choose according to the same principle. We import the highest quality, but we select suppliers placed as close to Samsø as possible. In other words: We stay as close to nature and tradition as possible, and this is reflected in our approach to additives such as colouring, e-numbers and preservatives, which we only use if impossible to avoid.



Many pickled products on the market are based on chemically manufactured vinegar acid. This is not our approach at Samsø Syltefabrik – and it never has been. We exclusively use brewed vinegar or, to be more specific, fermented vinegar from De Jydske Eddikebryggerier (vinegar brewers). It is a question of tradition and quality.

Also, on the whole our products are free of e-numbers and preservatives, with the exception of pickled products without added sugar, pickled pumpkins and old-fashioned red cabbage.

In other words: Basically, our recipe is quite simple. We take the seasonal produce, add unique craftsmanship, pure fermented vinegar, water, a pinch of salt and a bit of sugar – but no sour faces. Because they are not part of our assortment.


When tradition meets innovation, magic happens. Tradition represents the familiar, solid craftsmanship and the classic pickle products that we are always going to make and deliver in  superior quality. Innovation is exciting new produce, exotic spices and surprising mixtures poured into glass jars. And very often things start happening when tradition meets innovation.

One small example may serve as general illustration of how we develop our products. Vinegar, sugar and salt represent the simplest mixture or ingredients for a pickle juice. At Samsø Syltefabrik we take a different approach to pickling and work with different flavours to complement the excellent produce and  ensure stimulating tasting experiences.

Our history illustrates quite well how we combine tradition with innovation: We pickle for the fun of it but take it very seriously.


Well, at least in the sense that we are truly focused on soil conditions. Samsø’s special top soil, the long harvest period, the unique contribution of the surrounding sea to the flavour of  vegetables and the diverse soil types around the island.

Samsø offers highly varied soil conditions, ranging from the fat, clayey soil, so common on the island of Lolland, to the sandy, light soil of western Jutland. This makes it easier to grow the different varieties of vegetables in precisely the right kind of soil.

Moreover, Samsø has a record number of sunshine hours, so the growth period is longer than anywhere else in the country, giving the vegetables a deeper, more aromatic flavour. Finally, Samsø’s location in the  Kattegat ensures a distinct coastal climate with a longer, milder season and much less risk of frost damage.