Quality and food safety

At Samsø Syltefabrik we prioritize food safety and quality throughout the entire value chain, from receipt of the agricultural produce to manufacturing, sale and delivery. Our standards of cleaning, internal control, traceability and continuous improvement of internal procedures are rigorous. For this reason we have chosen to undergo food safety certification.

ISO 22000 and Global G.A.P

Samsø Syltefabrik is certified according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 22000). ISO 22000 is a recognized standard within the food industry with rigorous requirements of food safety, hygiene and traceability. ISO 22000 is based on the HACCP principles, which constitute the backbone of any food safety system.

Our  quality control and food safety programmes are constantly being improved and adapted to our customers’ wishes and legal requirements. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure continued focus on quality and food safety. At Samsø Syltefabrik we demand that our suppliers observe the EU’s food safety regulations and that our suppliers of agricultural produce are Global G.A.P. certified.

Inspection by the Danish Veterinary and  Food Administration

Samsø Syltefabrik is regularly inspected by the Danish food safety authorities.

Organic products

Samsø Syltefabrik demonstrates its environmental responsibility by manufacturing and selling organic products.

By including organic products in our assortment, we provide the consumers with opportunities for choosing products that support a better environment and a healthier lifestyle.