4 eggs
180 g melted sugar 
60 g melted butter 
1 dl cultured milk (A38 or other cultured milk product)
1½ teaspoon baking powder 
60 g corn flour 
120 g rice flour 
35 g potato flour 
15 g pulverized psyllium seed coats (add to improve texture - optional)
180 g SAMSØ SYLTEFABRIKs RØDBEDETERN (red beets squares)

Alternatively, use SAMSØ SYLTEFABRIKs RØDBEDER (red beets) and cut your own squares 

Gluten free red beet muffins



Preheat oven to 175°C

Melt butter at low temperature.

As butter is melting, mix baking powder, corn flower, rice flour, potato flour and psyllium seed coats in a bowl.

Beat together cane sugar and butter. Add one egg at a time and then add cultured milk.

Sift the flour mixture and carefully turn it into the egg mixture to avoid lumps.

Add red beet squares.

Fill the dough into muffin tins and bake until finished for about 18-20 min.

Check muffins with a skewer to see if they are finished baking. If the dough clings to the skewer, bake for another minute or two.