Quality manager at Samsø Syltefabrik has been married

26 August 2017
Employees from Samsø Syltefabrik were standing in espalier outside the Besser church, wearing hair nets and tools in color codes, which the quality manager has introduced at the factory...
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The potato season is over and the harvest has been produced and packed in jars

14 August 2017
This year's harvest of new Samsø potatoes has been packaged in jars, and ready for delicious delicious caramelized potatoes (a Danish Christmas tradition) ...
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The production of pickled gherkins has startet at Samsø Syltefabrik

28 June 2017
The cucumber season has slowly been replaced by gherkins. Currently pickled gherkins are being produced...
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We are hiring...

27 June 2017
Right now, we are looking for an experienced chief financial officer...
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Cucumber time

24 April 2017
Season has begun for cucumbers. We currently produce cucumber salad...
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Former Minister for the Environment Kirsten Brosbøl visits Samsø Syltefabrik

20 March 2017
Following a royal visit last week, we were visited this week by two representatives of the Social Democrats, former Minister for the Environment Kirsten Brosbøl and Ms Dorthe Hindborg.
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