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High quality, fair prices and top food security

If you are professionally involved with food and if you are interested in some of the delicious pickled vegetables and root crops that we pickle at Samsø Syltefabrik, and if you are unable to find all the information you need on this page, please do one of the following:

  • If you are a member of GS1, visit the webpage here
  • contact your present wholesale food supplier
  • contact Henrik Reimer Johansen at Samsø Syltefabrik (+45 23434810 or


Samsø Syltefabrik has a large assortment of pickled gherkins, pumpkins, cucumbers, red beets, red cabbage, cucumber salad , available in little square blocks, slices, shreds, uncut, classic, organic, without sugar and much more …


Today Samsø Syltefabrik collaborates with a large number of  food manufacturers. We help each other in our effort to offer the Danes the best possible products. If your ambition is to do something along those lines, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Perhaps you are looking for semi manufactured produce for your own products or manufacturing purposes, or perhaps you wish to make your own line of pickled goods, ketchups, mustards, cherry sauces and much more.